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Brain Bean Coffee

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In stock

Brain Bean Coffee is a blend of hand-selected, Fair Trade Certified coffee beans that are roasted using a proprietary roasting technique individualized to each small batch. Our proprietary  "Smart Roasting Technology" allows us to control all variables to maintain the health benefits of our Brain Bean Coffee. This is most evident in Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) concentrations.  

Brain Bean Smart Roasted Coffee has between 5 –10 times the health-promoting Chlorogenic Acid levels of other coffees and has been extensively Lab Verified! Chlorogenic Acid is most notable for its ability to improve fat loss (without dieting), improved moods, improved memory, improved blood sugar control, and much much more! 

It's well documented that 99% of all coffees roasted today have very little (if any) Chlorogenic Acid… leaving you without the AMAZING benefits of this powerful and healthy compound. Not only is Brain Bean Smart Roasted and Lab Verified to ensure maximum health benefits, but you will quickly taste the difference!

From the very first sip, you will notice that Brain Bean Smart Roasted coffee is smooth, delicious, and contains very little (if any) bitterness that most coffees leave you with.  

Take advantage of the healthiest beverage on the planet and turn on your MOOD · MIND · MEMORY. 

For blood sugar, cognition, weight managment, better moods, toxin removal.