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Brain Spark

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Brain Spark
In stock

Brain Spark is the first of its kind NeuroCardio drink formula. Brain Spark is a powerful drink mix to support your two most important assets, your Brain and Heart!

Each serving of Brain Spark contains proven dosages of essential ingredients to support your own spark plugs (mitochondria) in your brain and heart.

Whether you are wanting support for improved energy, to eliminate bothersome muscle cramps, migraine headaches, sharpen your memory, reduce anxiety or simply want to maintain and improve your mental capacity, Brain Spark is for you.

Get your Spark back with Brain-Spark!



  • Magnesium L-Threonate (1000mg per serving): Has been the focus of intense research related to brain health and neurological function. Researchers at MIT found it to cross the blood-brain barrier and support memory, focus, recall, and general well-being.
  • Taurine (2000mg per serving): A critical amino acid for brain health and in particular the rejuvenation of brain stem cells. More and more scientific research is now supporting taurine’s incredible role in MOOD, MIND, and MEMORY.
  • D-Ribose (2000mg per serving): This is a critical co-factor for mitochondrial function in the brain and heart. Researchers have discovered this key co-factor to be essential in mitochondrial bioenergetics.
  • Creatine (450mg per serving): Brain Spark uses a patented blend of creatine magnesium which has been the subject of numerous clinical trials. Creatine has been shown to improve and support memory, focus, recall, and more.
  • P5P (5mg per serving): Pyridoxal 5’ phosphate is the active form of vitamin B6. P5P is critical for neurotransmitter production and balance as well as magnesium absorption. Get your Spark back with Brain Spark!

Why you’ll love it:

  • Physician formulated
  • Contains proven dosages of essential ingredients to support your own spark plugs (mitochondria) in your brain and heart.
  • Improves energy 
  • Eliminates bothersome muscle cramps
  • Helps prevent migraine headaches
  • Sharpens Memory and Focus
  • Helps to reduce anxiety
  • Improves mental capacity

Refer to label image for ingredient information.

Use 1-2 scoops daily in 16 ounces of purified water.

Brain-Spark does not contain any caffeine or stimulants so can be taken later in the day or before bed for better sleep.

If you experience GI symptoms such as a loose stool reduce your serving size to 1 scoop daily and gradually build back to 2 scoops.Try it in your water bottle during your next walk or workout!