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EMF Solutions Booster Box

In Stock
In stock

Needed as an "add-on" product when a home has extraordinary EMF challenges such as:

  • Solar Panels/Power
  • <100 Yards from a Cell Tower or SCADA Pole
  • <25 Yards from XL Powerlines or an Electric Transformer (on pole or green box on the ground)
  • Home is over 4,000 Square Feet
  • Metal Roof
  • In a city/town with Military Bases or facilities (these often use military-type 6G and higher)

 Dimensions: 4"x 4"x 2"

All homes (including condos, apartments, & businesses) should have one XL Home Harmonizer (included in the Home Bundle) then add this product, the Booster Box, only when certain conditions are present (see above).